Omicron Covid 19: Took the vaccine, yet why is corona infection happening?

There is a rapid increase in cases of corona infection all over the world. The biggest reason for the current wave is being told to the Omicron variant of the virus. This variant was first found in South Africa. Due to this variant, a record number of infection cases are being reported in countries like America, France, and Britain. In India also the number of new cases is increasing rapidly.

And this is the situation when efforts are on to vaccinate more and more people all over the world including India. Vaccines have already been given to a large population, but at present, there are cases where people who have been vaccinated are also getting the infection. So don't the vaccines currently in place have an effect on Omicron?

Omicron Covid 19: Took the vaccine, yet why is corona infection happening?

December last year, India's Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya told the Rajya Sabha that there is 'no evidence to prove that existing vaccines do not work on Omicron variants', amid a debate over the effectiveness of the vaccine.

Brazil's infectious disease specialist Dr. Renato Cafori also says that the first round of vaccines that have come to protect against corona is currently aimed at reducing the serious risks of the disease, that is, lest there is a need to go to the hospital if infection occurs. or the infection becomes fatal.

The Corona vaccine reduces harm:-

Speaking to the BBC's Brazil service, Dr. Kafori, director of the Brazilian Society of Immunization, said, "The vaccine provides more protection in severe cases than in cases of corona with common symptoms, mild symptoms, or no symptoms."

This means that the main goal of vaccines is not to prevent infection, but to reduce the damage caused by corona infection in the body.

Vaccines that prevent flu also work in the same way that they have been used for decades. People in many countries take this vaccine every year.

This vaccine does not prevent infection, but it does reduce the severity of infection in children, pregnant women, senior citizens or people suffering from some disease.

Are three Vaccine doses more effective?
Statistics from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also show that people who are not vaccinated have 10 times the risk of infection and 20 times the risk of death than those who have not.

A recent report by Britain's Health and Safety Agency also points in this direction. According to a Cambridge University study, if a patient infected with Omicron has taken three doses of the vaccine, then he is 81 percent less likely to be admitted to the hospital.

The agency's second survey found that the vaccine is 88% effective in those taking three doses, although it is not clear how long it provides protection and whether the vaccine will need to be re-vaccinated in the coming months.

Dr. says that all this evidence points to its importance in the proliferation of Omicron variants. He said that since people are falling ill even after taking the vaccine, it would be wrong to think that the vaccine should not be taken.

Why the Rapidity in new cases even after vaccination?

Recently, there has been an increase in cases of infection among people who have been vaccinated.

In such a situation, the question has started to arise that why is this happening, and is the vaccine not working? Broadly, there are three reasons for this, due to which this situation can be understood.

We ourselves interact with people at festivals. On Christmas and New Year, especially in western countries, people celebrated together. This increased the risk of spreading the corona. People started getting infected.

Omicron virus
It has been almost a year since the corona vaccine became available worldwide. Experts have said this even before that the effect of the vaccine will not last forever.

Dr. says, "We have seen that with the passage of time the level of protection provided by the vaccine decreases. The protection provided by the vaccine will vary in different age groups. It can be more or less. For this reason, first people of older age or people with low immunity and then the entire population felt the need for the third dose of corona vaccine.

Omicron variant, which is more contagious than earlier variants. It reduces the effect of the vaccine, as well as it has the power to beat the immunity acquired by the corona-infected people from the infection.

The doctor says about this, "Looking at these cases, the infection in people who have been vaccinated should be considered normal and we should learn to live with it."

He says that it is a matter of relief that even after the recent spurt in cases of the corona, the rate of hospitalization, as well as the death rate among people who have taken the vaccine, is very low.

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